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God’s Gifts to the Rodriquez
From the notes of Cenang Cedro Mosende†
              The first reunion was initiated by Medy Yap in Tagbilaran, Bohol. This was brought about by the passing away of her late father, Tio'y Jose “Peping” Rodriquez when cousins and some members of the clan were in Bohol to condole with the bereaved family. A plan to have a reunion the following year to coincide with the first anniversary of Tio’y Peping’s death was proposed and unanimously agreed upon by the clan members present. Thus the first reunion of the Rodriquez Clan took place on April 7-9, 1989. It was attended by sixty-two (62) family members from Manila, Mindanao and Cebu and the USA; the Lopezes from San Carlos City with Tia’y Estela as the only living matriarch in attendance.

              The second reunion was planned in Cebu City during the silver wedding anniversary of Jess “Nonoy” and Dot Falcon in January 1990. It was then held on April 20-22, 1990 sponsored by the Falcon and Real Families. This time, aside from those who were in attendance during the first reunion; Locsin, Dumancas, and Rodriquez families from Bacolod City came to attend namely, Vicenting R. Locsin, Domingo R. Dumancas Jr. and Teresita R. Jalundoni. Absent were the Clan members residing in the USA, Don and Nora Douglas, Bill and Gemma Lewis and Boraling and Nena Cedro.

              The Third Reunion was held in Surigao City on July 11-13, 1997. It coincided with my 75th birthday celebration. There were 102 members in attendance from the families of Reyeses, Cedros, Falcons, Yaps. Bebong Rodriguez and Tessie Lao Sabong also arrived from Manila. The reunion which was held at the Maharlika, was filled with socials, sports and recreational activities for both the young and senior members of the clan.

              The 4th reunion was initiated by Congressman Nonoy Falcon during a party held in his residence in Quezon City. In that gathering Bebong Rodriguez was elected to become the clan’s chairman being the only living member carrying the family name Rodriguez from Bacolod, Assisted by Manila based members who served as the secretariat/coordinators, namely: Tess Lao, Lorna Mosende, Nening Carvajal and Kathy Reyes Gellidon, the 4th Reunion was successfully held in the “City of Springs” Los Baños, Laguna. The response from the family members was overwhelming resulting at more than 100 members participating the reunion. The 2-day gathering was lively, and made more memorable by the presence of Eugene Villaluz who entertained the family members with his songs. Adolf Ortiz also gave his share of inspiring and “witty” remarks. First timers to the reunion were Jun Villaluz and his family as well as Felicia Reyes. While the senior members were busy talking and playing their favorite “majong”, the younger ones enjoyed singing, dancing and swimming until the wee hours in the morning. They were saying “bitin ang 2 days”! Notable was the closeness and camaraderie developed among these young members of the clan.

              As we prepare for the 5th reunion we envision and look forward to the clan being together again, updating with each other’s lives and happenings…….knowing with one another more! Through our participation , we give meaning to our clan’s reunion theme : “ God’s Gift to the Rodriguez Clan” by acknowledging the blessings and the gifts of God to each and everyone of us… and the joy of sharing them with others.

*Joined her creator on March 3, 2005

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