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Monday, December 6 2021 - 12:16
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From the hand-written notes of Mrs. Azucena Cedro Mosende:

November 3, 2003 -written on this date which would have been done in May, but wasn’t done so. However, recalling it is worth to ponder over it. Cenang

               Heavenly Father Almighty! As we plan and prepare our activities for this 4th Rodriguez Family Clan Reunion do give us all a clear vision of this gathering and its mision to be absorbed so as to bring about unity, cooperation, and love amongst all members of the clan, young and old alike. Grant each and everyone of us the spirit of willingness, the pleasure of being a member of the family clan and being able to achieve its lofty ends that of belonging.

               Above all dear Lord, we ask of thee thy divine guidance so that we may forge closer and keener appreciation of God’s ways and means to keep us closely knit, aware of our strengths and weaknesses, our vision and mission of continuing our care and love for one another, to extend a helping hand to those who really need assistance and deserve such, and to be really there when we need it most.


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