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The Felix Rodriguez Clan: Some “Tid-bits” about its roots etc.
By: Leticia Cedro Rivera*
                Our great grand father Felix Rodriguez was of Castillian Stock, an only son of affluent family from Molo, Iloilo. He lived in a big house, 16-18 rooms with a retinue of “servants” and gardeners. Apparently, he grew up in a world of plenty where everything he wanted and desired was provided by his family.

                Lolo Felix married Lola Asion ( Encarnacion Soriano). They begot 9 children, namely: Francisca (Paquita), Esperanza (Pacing), Jose (Peping), Manuela (May), Dolorez (Loling), Jesus , Maria (Maring), Conchita (Conching) and Estela. Lolo Felix had two other children, Colita (Coleng) and Dodoy Lastimosa.

                The couple spent the early years of their married life in Iloilo. But when their house was totally burned, they moved with their children to Mindanao in the town of Tago, Surigao del Sur and joined Lolo Esco (Francisco Soriano) who was then a Senator for Agusan and Surigao provinces. It was during their stay in Tago, when Tio’y Jesus, Tia’y Conching, and Tia’y Coleng and Tio’y Dodoy Lastimosa were born. When Lolo Esco’s term as senator ended, he returned to Iloilo taking the family of his beloved sister, Lola Acion, back with him. It was sometime in 1914 when the youngest daughter, Estela (also the youngest of the first generation), was born. From this point on, I would surmise that Lolo Felix died in Iloilo after few years of Lola Estela’s birth.

                Lola Asion went to Manila with her children when they were of college ages. She rented a big house in Biatico, Intramuros and took in boarders. With indomitable spirit and determination she was able to send her children through college. Mama Paquit graduated as teacher from the Philippine Normal School; Tio’y Peping became a lawyer; Tia’y Loleng a pharmacist and Tio’y Jesus a lawyer too.

                My story would jump to year 1924, when I was already five years old and my Mama Paquit was already married to Papa Candelario. It was May of 1924 and Lola Asion would be celebrating her birthday in Manila. My papa and mama decided to travel to Manila to be with Lola on her birthday. Cenang my younger sister and me with our parents travelled by boat from Surigao to Manila in April of that year. The boat ride (one way) was one month’s time, thus we had to stay with Lola for one month while waiting for the same boat to take us back to Surigao. It was a very memorable experience for me and Cenang, not only the long boat ride, but also the excitement of being in a big City, seeing big buildings and plenty of Calesas for the first time. It was also in that occasion that we met the brothers and sisters of Lola, Tia’y Mayola and Tio’y Otto and Tio’y Jesus who was at that time still taking up his studies.

                This part of the story is about a “relative” of Lolo Felix in Iloilo. An engineer of Surigao city , Engr. Prospero Salas, told me and Cenang, that his father was related to the Rodriguezes of Iloilo; in fact a cousin of Lolo Felix. His father came to Surigao to flee from the Spanish militia (Conquistadores) who were rounding up “Rebolutionarios” after the fall of the Philippine revolutionary government in 1896. He settled in the Municipality of Gigaquit, Surigao del Norte, and married a local lass. Their union produced two children, Prospero and Alfonsina, now all deceased. We hope to trace the connection with this Salases, after all we might come from the same roots….tree….

*Letty Cedro Rivera is the oldest member of the clan, she is 85

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